Reiki can be described as the life force energy that is guided by a Higher Power.

The Reiki energy has been found to be beneficial in treating the "whole" person.

This includes not just the physical body but the emotional and spiritual bodies as well.

Reiki has a very calming effect and is often used for relaxation, stress reduction and feelings of peace.

*Maryanne is a Reiki III practitioner and has been practicing Reiki since 2006 years.

She has helped many people with their Mind, Body and Spirit.

55 minutes    $100

Channeled Messages

Maryanne has a gift of channeling Spirit Guides.

The session involves breath, Prayer and gratitude. 

Once in this meditative state we will ask Spirit for guidance and enlightenment.

25 minutes $50

Combine the two 75​ minutes $125

Healing Art

Bring home a love-infused painting of your soul.

Session includes saging, bliss blessings,  Reiki, meditation and channeled messages.

120 minutes  $200

Commissioned Paintings

Maryanne Taps into the highest vibrations of love, light and healing, and infuses it with your energy. This energy is then channeled onto a canvas.

When you hang this in your home, you will feel the healing love radiating - which is you!

$200 and up

​Art Store


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