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Mineral Makeup

Maryanne of New York offers  a “line of  makeup for the life of your skin”  - a skin healthy mineral makeup
As technology advances, so do our choices for cosmetics and skin care. 

Never before have all-natural ingredients been used to provide such an extensive array of benefits.  This product line contains micronized mineral pigments with freeze-dried vitamins and lavender-based aromatherapy to create a line of mineral makeup that is truly skin-healthy.
Foundations, Concealers, ,Eye shadows, Eyeliners,  Blushes & Brushes

RevitaLash - Expect the best

RevitaLash was developed by Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D. as a special gift for his wife, Gayle, while she was recovering from metastatic breast cancer treatments.

Intensive chemotherapy had damaged Gayle’s once-beautiful eyelashes, leaving them fragile, sparse and thin.
Based upon his knowledge and experience as a practicing ophthalmologist for over 25 years, Dr. Brinkenhoff believed that he could develop a formula that would give Gayle’s eyelashes the look of renewed health, strength and beauty.
After extensive research, Dr. Brinkenhoof, together with a talented team of cosmetic chemists, created a product that truly gave the beautiful look of renewed vitality to Gayle’s eyelashes. RevitaLash was the perfect name for this amazing product!
Thus, an entirely new and unique cosmetic product was born; and a formula created originally for just one special lady has become a product available to men and women everywhere who want to have attractive, beautiful-looking eyelashes.

RevitaLash Advanced
The most advanced technology in eyelash conditioning to date. RevitaLash-Advanced formula contains a proprietary blend of proven functional cosmetic ingredients pioneered by Athena Cosmetics. Combined with an infusion of powerful peptides and soothing botanicals, RevitaLash-Advanced is designed to both beautify and nourish the eyelashes.

Get beautifully shaped eyebrows quickly and easily with the help of RevitaBrow.

RevitaBrow uses the power of peptides and botanicals for strengthening, conditioning and nourishing.

Volumizing Mascara
Maximize your lashes even more with this high-performance, clump-free formula.

Your lashes will look thicker, fuller and more luscious than ever. The custom designed brush separates and defines for an eye-popping finish. Used together with RevitaLash, the results are even more stunning.

Volumizing Primer
Give your lashes a boost for a more dramatic and perfectly fabulous appearance.This innovative primer coats the lashes to make them appear instantly thicker and longer while also conditioning the lashes so they become stronger and look softer.


Maryanne of New York offers a full line of skin-care products as well as makeup and applicators.  Please schedule a professional skin analysis to be sure you utilize a products that will provide the best possible results for your skin type and age.

Cleansers are designed to remove makeup, dead skin cells, oils, dirt and other types of pollutants from the skin.

Toners are used to cleanse the skin, shrink the appearance of pores and balance the skin’s pH.

Specialty Serums 
From Vitamin C serums to brightening serums and fading gels, you will find a specialty serum to enhance and restore skin to its natural beauty.

Moisturizers and Eye Creams 
Moisturizing your skin will help slow the aging process, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  Moisturizers also address acne issue.  Selecting the proper moisturizer depends on skin type.

Scrubs provide efficient and non-abrasive exfoliation to remove excess surface cells, and lifts away dull, dry skin for improved texture and a healthy clarity.

Spa and Body
Treat yourself to a soothing, moisturizing and conditioning cream-lotion for the hands, arms, legs and all over the body. Applied daily, it effectively helps to accelerate the exfoliation of the skin’s dead cells, and diminish superficial sun damage.

Mineral Makeup and Applicators
Made from all-natural ingredients.  Natural micronized mineral pigments with freeze-dried vitamins and lavender-based aromatherapy have been used to create a line of mineral makeup that is truly skin-healthy.

RevitaLash Product Line
RevitaLash was created to renew the vitality of the eyelashes.  This product is for anyone who wants to have attractive, beautiful-looking lashes and brows.